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Bought it. It never worked

Never worked. A waste of money


Writing this review because I used this app in my draft in August. Drafted exactly how it told me. And tonight I won the championship with the exact team I drafted. I tweaked my bench a little but my Starters all remained the same. Will definitely use again next year. Thank you CheatSheet. Your the Real MVP.

Nice, but NOT kept current thru season...

App APPEARS to function well, but upon further detail look among your team (& others) you see lack of updated/current status player info. As well, once player is waived, he disappears from whole database but team/player/slot does NOT update!? Should remain in dbase & reflect FA status. Also, team DEF & players disappear completely on their “bye” week... why??? Poor response to inquiries on these issues (ie: next update to address..!!??) when, AFTER season? $AVE YOUR MONEY !!


Year after year, it's the best app since sliced bread!

What's The Difference?

Not sure what the difference between this app and the actual fantasy app. From what I've seen it really doesn't do anything different.

A fantasy Must

I download this kit every season! Great info, team depth charts, real-time sorting an updated stats as the season moves on. Worth the investment every season.

Not a help at all

I honestly found this app to be garbage


I love this app!!!!

Customer service

I bought the app thinking it'd help me with my league and I'm still not sure what to use it for

Helped me win last year.

Easy to use!


No as described or to hard to understand. Not worth it

5th year using this app

Good app, but it doesn't track Rookies well at all. Sometimes you can't find them at all. Like this years (2017), Tarik Cohen, a rookie but RB2 for the bears. In the app, if you go to NFL teams, he is on the roster, but that's it. You can't find him in the war room, where you select players. Super weak.


Not sure where these guys got there ratings? I'm buying a different one. Thanks for nothing

Don't get

I wish I could not even give it a star. Can't sync my leagues custom scoring.

App used to be good, now super confusing

Where do start mock draft????

Not impressed at all

Seriously not impressed, this is a draft app yet you can't import leagues.

Not sure what the others are talking about...

But I love this app! Very easy to set custom scoring. I liked the different view options and how you can have it announce each pick (fun annoying the commissioner!). Player search was super quick and again, easy! Only thing I'd change is an option to download the latest player updates when you choose to. Also not sure how current some of their information is as Edelman is still ranked pretty high! Better fix that and I bet Meredith is the same...

Do it!

I believe this is my 4th yr. using the app. I play in 8 leagues 12 to 16 team, Standard, PPR and Dynasty. I have found the app very useful in ranking players according to each leagues scoring system. It updates rankings daily with injuries and other news, beats the hell out of a magazine! Made the Playoffs in 5 of 8 Last year, winning 2. My only wish is there was a tab for TD only leagues, I know they are rare these days, but I really enjoy it especially with 16 teams.

Thanks for pure garbage and wasted money!

Thanks for nothing! I wasted $5 on this app where can't customize anything. I had to spend $5 another app so I could have a decent draft. Then I come to find out this is a known issue and it was supposed to have been updated a few days ago! Garbage!

App stinks.

Save your money and buy something else

Not happy

This app is hard to figure out. Super confusing and I wish I never would have spent my money on it.

Best Draft App!

Great info and key info that helps in later rounds of the draft.

Glorified Cheat Sheet! Don't Pay!!!

I thought I would be able to sync my league? I wouldn't have payed for this had I know I wouldn't be able to sync my league to the app to import our scoring, team names, draft order etc... This is a glorified cheat sheet that requires far too much work to be worth $5.

5 time buyer

Only thing keeping this from 5 stars is the ability to pull league scoring settings from previous versions. You have to add them back in every year.

Not worth the cost

Too difficult to use. They put priority in the "look" but forgot about ease of use.

New UI isn't great

I think this is my fourth or fifth year buying this app, and I'll continue to do so, but I'm definitely not a fan of the new UI. It uses more space to present less information, and generally feels more cluttered and more difficult to read at a glance.


I love this App. The best I've seen for the last 3 years!

Keeps crashing

Every time I make one change to the settings or a team, it crashes and resets

The best!

I'm a 25 year veteran of fantasy football and this app helps me dominate my draft.

League Type Flexibility not as flexible as a few years ago

It has been a couple years since I used the app from 290 design. Our league is points only with no trades or players on the bench. So our total players drafted is 6 per team. The settings does not allow more than 24 teams and a min of 8 rounds. Our league only needs a max of 6 rounds but we have had up to 30 teams. App does not allow for this combination. It did in the past. It should have this flexibility. Won't pay for it next year.


This app is absolute garbage. I can figure out news through many free sources. I wanted to be able to set my own rankings (which I can do) and then use those rankings to simulate and assign players in a draft. It just auto picks in order. I don't get it. At the very least, it's not intuitive at all. Must have had friends and family that gave it high rankings. Wish I wouldn't have tried to save $ it ends up I've spent an extra $3.00 to try out the draft dominator app.

Nominating order

Every time I try to change the order it kicks me out of the app👎

Has helped me win 4 leagues!

Worth every penny, I've won my last 4 leagues in a row with the help of this app. Critical to helping me draft and know who is available and keep track of bye weeks. Great app and features!


The app works will. It's pretty accurate on player info. It's how I found out Zeke was suspended. He was no longer in the top ten. Just stay focused during your draft, if you use the app to track your rooster and available players. The app does a good job of tracking players once the season begins. If your like me and don't have the extra time to research. This can work for you. Works will on my iPad.


Been using this app for the last 6 years! Every year come draft time this is a really clutch and very helpful program! Without a doubt MUST HAVE helpful tool

Been using this app for years...

I highly recommend using this app for Fantasy Football. I've used it every year, dating back to around 2009. Not only is it fantastic to use during live drafts, it can be used all season long. I won my league championship last year!

No Syncing!

The past 2 years developers have promised this app would sync between devices (such as iPhone to iPad) for same account holder but this is still not working!!

Overall Great App

If I could import my league's custom settings into this, it would be the absolute most perfect cheat sheet app. I run a fairly complex league with settings. Once that is fixed, I will certainly give this a 5 star rating.

IDP is terrible

Value drafting of IDP is awful. Otherwise, pretty cool app.

Could be better

Would be great if you could import your league and its custom settings. It's a hassle putting everything in manually.

4 straight championship runs!

I've been to four straight championship runs in my league using this app!! However, out of the four I only won one chip. The way I see it is, I'd rather be in the top two than playing for the toilet bowl at the end of the year. Hey small investment that will get you some money at the end of the year.

Doesn't work

Bad app. Don't waste your money


The Fantasy Football App of all Fantasy Football Apps. Worth every penny, especially for people in Live Drafts! You won't regret this purchase, I've been looking in the App Store for the last month waiting for this to get ready for the 2017 Season. This app will make your team that much better. The app for the elite Fantasy Football managers. A MUST BUY!


Thanks to a great draft last year I took home the crown. Depth and a year long schedule analysis really helped me plan well for the playoffs and Super Bowl. Just downloaded the 2017 version to start this years analysis and draft prep!

Incredible App!!! 🏈🏆

Only app I've used!!!

Best Fantasy football app for IPad

Man I am an avid fantasy football player. If you want an all that is perfect to help you win your leagues then this is it for you. It's perfect for my iPad and the way it's designed looks so sick and takes your fantasy skills to the next level. It's super easy to understand and has up to date info on each player. I absolutely love this app. I am downloading it for my phone today but as far as iPad cheat sheets go this app is the bomb and you won't find anything better at the price.

Simply the best.

I buy this app every year. It's the best. Love the custom rankings. No other app has what this offers.

Long Way Back

This was THE premier app at one time. Looks like the guys are back in the groove, cause this year's version is back on track. As usual, regardless of the app or ranking service, the algorithms may be debatable, but this version is as faster then ever, user friendly & working well with our custom league rosters & scoring. If followed up with good in season updates, they will indeed be back at the top.

They design the NFL cheat sheet

So you know it's legit! Always a good source on draft day. Just learn the ins and outs and you should be fine.

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